Tiny Hooves Miniature Horse Ranch


                                    The beat of distant Indian drums sound,                                                                       the Thunder of hoof beat's upon the ground.                                                                    You feel the echo is getting near,                                                                               when out of the shadow's they all appear.                                                               The BEAUTY and GRACE as he stands there so TALL,                                                            the Strength and the Leader is what he is called.                                                               The name is Wardance he is known to us all,                                                              the Legend continue's on with his foal's great and small...            


                   We are proud to introduce                                     JSW Beaus Don't Come Easy 

                      Photo taken at 2011 AMHA World Show. Beau took 3rd in Yearling Stallions. Shown by Angela Holmes.    

                              2010 AMHA/AMHR Silver Bay pinto DNA'd    

                                               JSW Beaus Don't Come Easy                                                                                         (son of Pefectas Beau Coup Wardance)  

                                       Sire: Perfectas Beau Coup Wardance                                                                                          Dam: Woodvale Ms Pat                                                                           Grandsire: Willow Creeks Dancers Perfectas                                                                           Gr Grandsire: FWF Little Wardance

   Beau is son of Perfectas Beau Coup Wardance a Multi Grand and Reserve Champion since 2007 and he continue's to win in the show ring each and every year. His dam is a multi winning driving mare.

   I so look forward to showing Beau this year and the year's to come. His excellent conformation (level topline, nice hip, straight leg's, great neck, gorgeous head, and tippy ear's) along with his loving personality he will continue to shine in the show ring. Beau is a dream come true!!     

                                           Beau's show record as of 2011

                               2011 AMHA World show Yearling Stallions 3rd                                             5 times Grand Champion in Yearling stallion's am/open level 2                                         3 First place in Jr Stallion's                                                                            2 Grand Champion's Weanling/Yearling stallion's                                      2  2nd place in Multi Colored Stallions                                               3rd place in Liberty                                                                                            2nd Multi Colored Stallions                                                          3rd Yearling Stallions                                                    Grand Champion Yearling Stallions 30-32"

 Photo of Beau taken right from the pasture with no conditioning & in his winter coat 

               Ravenwood Deputys Whiskey


                                                2010 AMHA/AMHR Bay Colt

                               AMHA RAVENWOOD DEPUTY'S WHISKEY                                                     AMHR THMHR's RAVENWOOD DEPUTY'S WHISKEY                                                       (Son of Fallen Ash Eagle's Dark Deputy)        

        Sire: Fallen Ash Eagle's Dark Deputy x Dam: Marks Sips Royal N Golden

   Grandsire: Fallen Ash Farms Eagle Scout x Granddam: Martins Boozers Dark N Dreamy (who is a full sibling sister to Martins Boozers After Dark)

   Grandsire: Marks Dominators Sip O Gold x Granddam: Marks Dominators Royal Chic

   Gr Grandsire: Sids Dominator x Gr Granddam: Runnin Bares Lovely Lady

  Gr Grandsire: L & D Scout x Gr Granddam: Fallen Ash Scouts Bit Of Beauty

  I would like to thank Ravenwood Miniature's for allowing such an awesome colt to join our family & herd.   

  Navarro is the son of Fallen Ash Eagle's Dark Deputy (see reference page)who is a beautiful bay pinto and an AMHA Futurity Nominated Stallion, AMHA World Champion Yearling Futurity Stallion 30-32", AMHA World Champion Yearling Stallion 30-32", AMHA World Res. Champion 2 year old Stallion 31-33". Deputy was named the 2007 AMHA Honor Roll Champion in Amateur & Open. Along with his accomplishments Deputy has and is producing Multiple Grand, Supreme Grand and Reserve Grand Champion's in Halter since 2010. Deputy now resides in the Netherlands.

  Navarro is the son of Marks Sips Royal N Golden (see reference page) a gorgeous palomino who is out of a World Champion Stallion & the dam of 2009 World Champion Ravenwood Dominate the Ring, a "Lord of the Rings" daughter. Which is Navarro's materinal sister.

   WOW! Talk about a bloodline! This little guy has one impressive pedigree. Navarro's bloodline consists of some of the GREATEST'S & MOST WELL KNOWN horse's in the miniature horse world. They are: L & D Scout 3 x's, Boones Little Apache 2 x's, Dippers Dipsy Doodle 2 x's, Gold Melody Boy 7 x's, Roan Ranger 4 x's, Sids Dominator, Rowdy, Boones Little Buckeroo 2 x's, Flying W Farms Little Blue Boy, Orion Light Vant Huttenest, Flying W Farms Little Wardance, Flying W Farms Wardance, Martins Boozers, Marks Dominators Sip O Gold, Marks Dominators Royal Chic, Runnin Bares Lovely Lady, Fallen Ash Farms Eagle Scout, Fallen Ash Scouts Bit Of Beauty, Bond Sir Galahad plus many other's. 




           Tiny Hooves Shumook Blue Moon Risin                    

                                         2006 AMHR Black Roan Stallion  

    Sire: AMHA/AMHR Brewers Blue Spirit x Dam: AMHR Feathers Cayenne Pepper    

                   Grandsire: Dell Teras Batman x Granddam: Dels Melba Jean 

                   Grandsire: Kobeck Feather x Granddam: Bit O' Pepper Dot 

            Gr Grandsire: Dell Teras Moon Man x Gr Granddam Cell Teras Vickie 1

                 Gr Grandsire: Dels Little Man x Gr Granddam: Dels Pearl Bailey

         Gr Gr Grandsire: Crescents Sidney x Gr Gr Granddam: Dell Tera's Monkey

   Shumook is quit the little man! He has a very well shaped head, tippy ear's, excellent topline, good hip, & straight leg's. Shumook is very well mannered with an extremely gentle temperment. I am very proud of Shumook & look forward to his first foal crop in 2011.

   Shumook's first foal's are here, a little black colt and a little black & white pinto filly. I am so proud of what Shumook has produced. Check them out on our 2011 foal's page.